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Azure Storage Samples are Windows Azure Storage code samples. They show how to perform every Windows Azure Storage operation for blobs, queues, and tables. There are 2 identical implementations, one using REST and the other using the .NET Storage Client Library (both in C#).

Blob Operations


Blob operations include the following:
  • Copy blob
  • Create container
  • Delete blob
  • Delete container
  • Generate shared access signature
  • Get blob
  • Get blob metadata
  • Get blob properties
  • Get block list
  • Get container access policy
  • Get container ACL
  • Get container metadata
  • Get container properties
  • Get page
  • Get page regions
  • Lease blob
  • List containers
  • Put blob
  • Put blob if unchanged
  • Put blob with MD5
  • Put block
  • Put block list
  • Put page
  • Set blob metadata
  • Set blob properties
  • Set container access policy
  • Set container ACL
  • Set container metadata
  • Snapshot blob

Queue Operations


Queue operations include the following:
  • Clear messages
  • Create queue
  • Delete message
  • Delete queue
  • Get message
  • Get queue metadata
  • List queues
  • Peek message
  • Put message
  • Set queue metadata

Table Operations


Table operations include the following:
  • Create table
  • Delete entity
  • Delete table
  • Get entity
  • Insert entity
  • List tables
  • Merge update entity
  • Query entities
  • Replace update entity

Windows Azure Storage Resources

Some good online resources about Windows Azure Storage:

Windows Azure Storage Documentation

Steve Marx's Blog (Microsoft)

Neil Mackenzie's Blog (Windows Azure MVP)

Other storage samples:


This is a community donation of David Pallmann, Windows Azure MVP and GM of App Dev at Neudesic

David Pallmann's blog


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